Puffin tour from the town of Grundarfjordur

This tour is a must for birdwatchers because it takes you to one of the best places to see the breakthrough stars of Iceland, Puffins.

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:01 June - 20 August
Duration:1 hour

Puffin tour from the town of Grundarfjordur


Sometimes known as “the clown of the sea” this small bird is such a big part of Icelander's life that we sometimes forget how remarkable it really is. Iceland has the largest puffin population in the world and there are puffin colonies all over the country where you can visit and observe the birds in their natural habitat and we will take you on one of the best places to see hundreds of them, Grundarfjordur.

The presence of hundreds of puffins on and around Melrakkey island with its basalt columns is a sight to behold. We get as close to the cliffs as possible to see these small, exclusive birds with their brightly coloured beaks. We then sail around the island nature reserve to get a view of the other birds that nest there. On our way home, we will soak up the beautiful scenery of the fjord which includes Mt Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland. This tour is a perfect family outing and a great opportunity for photographers.

What to bring:

  • We recommend bringing warm layerable clothing
  • Binoculars and your camera are a must


  • Guided boat tour