Airport transfer: Arrival via Blue Lagoon

What better way to start your Icelandic adventure than bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon to soothe and refresh body and soul after your flight.

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:All year
Duration:2 - 4 hours

Airport transfer: Arrival via Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon after landing in Keflavik

Passengers arriving to Keflavik Airport have the option of taking a special Flybus to the nearby Blue Lagoon, before heading off for Reykjavik.

Enjoy relaxing in the cosy and warm waters of the Blue Lagoon and in addition to bathing in the lagoon, guests have access to a sauna with a view of the lagoon, a steam-bath with white walls that resemble silica-mud and a cosy steam-bath carved into a lava cave. Guests can also stand beneath a small waterfall for an energizing massage. Of course, guests bathing in the milky waters of the Blue Lagoon have easy access to the famous white silica-mud, an essential part of the spa experience.

Transfer to/from the Blue Lagoon:

The coaches used for this transfer are parked outside the arrival hall at the airport and are marked "Flybus". After bathing in the Blue Lagoon the Flybus will ultimately stop at BSI bus terminal, you will then be redirected to smaller shuttles that will take you to your accommodation. To avoid any confusion, please let the bus-driver know your hotel's name when boarding the Flybus at the Blue Lagoon.

Wondering what to do with your luggage while relaxing at the Blue Lagoon? Don't worry, you'll have the opportunity to store your luggage in a special luggage storage facility next to the main parking area for a small charge.

It is very important that you book your Blue Lagoon entrance and timing in advance as it can be sold out during peak hours. 

Entrance fee to the Blue Lagoon is not included in tour price, click the link to book your Blue Lagoon ticket. 

The Blue Lagoon has an age limit of 2 years.

 Departures from Keflavik International Airport to Blue Lagoon:

Departure Arrival Operation
06:30 06:50 26 May - 20 Aug
07:30 07:50 All year
08:30 08:50 All year
09:30 09:50 1 May - 30 Sep
10:30 10:50 1 May - 30 Sep
11:30 11:50 All year
12:30 12:50 1 May - 31 Aug
13:30 13:50 All year
15:30 15:50 All year
16:30 16:50 All year
17:30 17:50 All year

Departures from Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik (BSI Bus Terminal):

Departure Arrival Operation
10:15 11:00 All year
11:15 12:00 All year
12:15 13:00 All year
13:15 14:00 All year
14:15 15:00 All year
15:15 16:00 All year
16:15 17:00 All year
17:15 18:00 All year
18:15 19:00 All year
19:15 20:00 All year
21:15 22:00 All year
22:15 23:00 1. jan - 1. oct
23:15 00:00 1. jan - 1. oct
00:15 01:00 26. may - 20. aug
01:15 02:00 26. may - 20. aug


  • Coach Transfer without guide
  • Entrance fee not included



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