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Reykjanes Peninsula - With a Stop at the Blue Lagoon

Explore the Reykjanes peninsula, one of the most volcanically active and geologically interesting areas in Iceland.

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:15 May - 15 September
Duration:3 - 5 hours

We visit the Reykjanes peninsula where you can see the mid Atlantic ridge rise from the ocean and more than half of the peninsula is covered with lava fields, some of which are only a few hundred years old. This is a magnificent area with rich bird life in the summer.

First we head towards the community of Sandgerdi, one of the country's major fishing points. The tour continues along the coast line through Midnesheidi moor which rises up from the lowland. We will stop at the stone built church of Hvalneskirkja from the year 1887.

The journey proceeds through lava fields onwards to Sandvik where two of the earth's tectonic plate split.  At Sandvik you will get the opportunity to walk over a symbolic footbridge which crosses a fissure which  provides clear evidence of the rift between the European and the North American tectonic plates.

Continue to the old lighthouse on the westernmost tip of the peninsula. We will also stop at Gunnuhver, the country's largest mud pool. Pass through the fishing village Grindavík on the way to the Blue Lagoon.

There you have three different options; a visit to the Blue Lagoon, transfer to Keflavik Airport or return back to Reykjavik according to the transfer schedule below.


The Reykjanes Peninsula portion of the tour is 2,5-3 hours in duration, with flexible departures from the Blue Lagoon available.

Bathing fee and visitors fee in the Blue Lagoon is not included in the price and it has an age limit of 2 years.

Please note that it is very important that you book your Blue Lagoon entrance and timing in advance as it can be sold out during peak hours.  

Departures from Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik (BSI Bus Terminal):

Departure Arrival Operation
11:00 11:45 1 November - 30 April
12:00 12:45 1 November - 30 April
13:00 13:45 1 November - 30 April
14:00 14:45 1 November - 30 April
15:00 15:45 1 November - 30 April
16:00 16:45 1 November - 30 April
17:00 17:45 1 November - 30 April
18:00 18:45 1 November - 30 April
19:00 19:45 1 November - 30 April
21:00 21:45 1 November - 30 April 


Departures from Blue Lagoon to Keflavik International Airport:

Departure Arrival Operation
12:00 12:20 1 November - 30 April 
13:00 13:20 1 November -30 April
14:00 14:20 1 November - 30 April
15:00 15:20 1 November - 30 April
17:00 17:20 1 November - 30 April


  • Guided Reykjanes coach tour in English
  • Non guided transfer from the Blue Lagoon back to Reykjavik or from the Blue Lagoon to Keflavik International Airport.



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