Northern Lights Mystery

Join a mysterious tour, looking for the Aurora Borealis, on a dark winter night in Iceland. Far from the glow of the city, we hunt for the elusive Northern Lights.

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:01 September - 15 April
Duration:3 hours

Northern Lights Mystery


On a dark winter night in Iceland, join a mysterious tour looking for the Aurora Borealis. Far from the glow of Reykjavik city, we hunt for the elusive Northern Lights.

From autumn until spring, during clear and cold dark nights, it's possible to witness one of nature's most incredible displays: the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. On this evening tour we may be lucky enough to see them swirling and dancing across the sky changing endlessly colour, shape and size.


This tour is subject to the correct weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed.  Sightings are not guaranteed even if the tour is operated. In that case a second tour is offered free of charge.

Duration can vary between 3-5 hours, depending on circumstances.


  • Guided Coach Tour
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation in Reykjavik

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At arrival we booked the FlyBus+ service, which is great! The Marina Hotel was very nice and centrally located. Rooms are good, breakfast is good and staff is friendly.

The Blue Lagoon was very relaxing after the flight from New York. For all the excursions: it is a great service that guests are picked up at the hotel and brought to the bus station.

The Golden Circle tour was very nice. During the night, there had been some snowfall, which made the surroundings extra special. The tour itself was a great experience. The waterfall was great (despite the fog) , the geysers are fantastic, the Fontana Bath is a nice break of the day and the national park is amazing. The nature is very special and it is weird to see the cracks in the ground caused by the moving of the earth. 

In the evening we heard that the Northern Light tour should go, but unfortunately due to the upcoming clouds, we didn't see the Northern Lights.

I really had a great time and will definitely coming back one day!

Joyce van Dijk, The Netherlands