Bus transfer to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Transfer to the Blue Lagoon only. Entrance to the Blue lagoon not included, book an entrance to the Blue Lagoon on the Blue Lagoon website. The Blue Lagoon is an incredible geothermal spa set in an otherworldly area where lava and geothermal water meet and complement each other

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:All year
Duration:3 - 7 hours

Bus transfer to the Blue Lagoon Iceland


The lagoon's warm geothermal water and natural active ingredients; mineral salts, silica and blue green algae help you relax and unwind while the lagoon's distinctive white silica mud gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The mineral salts balance and relax body and soul. After enjoying all the amenities of the Blue Lagoon, your coach will take you back to Reykjavik. This is one of our most popular Blue Lagoon tour. 

Please note: Bathing fee and visitors fee in the Blue Lagoon is not included in the price and it has an age limit of 2 years.

Please note: It is very important to book your entrance here. You must book your timing in advance as it can be sold out during peak hours. 

Transfer to/from Blue Lagoon:

A bus will pick you up from your hotel in Reykjavik and transfer you to the Blue Lagoon. After bathing in the Blue Lagoon the Flybus will ultimately stop at BSI bus terminal, you will then be redirected to smaller shuttles that will take you to your accommodation. To avoid any confusion, please let the bus-driver know your hotel's name when boarding the Flybus at the Blue Lagoon.

Departures from Reykjavik (BSI Bus Terminal) to Blue Lagoon:

Departure Arrival Operation
06:00 06:45 26. may - 20. aug
07:00 07:45 All year
08:00 08:45 All year
09:00 09:45 All year
10:00 10:45 All year
11:00 11:45 All year
12:00 12:45 All year
13:00 13:45 All year
14:00 14:45 All year
15:00 15:45 All year
16:00 16:45 All year
17:00 17:45 All year
18:00 18:45 All year
19:00 19:45 1. jan - 1. oct
20:00 20:45 1. jan - 1. oct
21:00 21:45 26. may - 20. aug
22:00 22:45 30. jun - 20. aug

Departures from Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik (BSI Bus Terminal):

Departure Arrival Operation
10:15 11:00 All year
11:15 12:00 All year
12:15 13:00 All year
13:15 14:00 All year
14:15 15:00 All year
15:15 16:00 All year
16:15 17:00 All year
17:15 18:00 All year
18:15 19:00 All year
19:15 20:00 All year
21:15 22:00 All year
22:15 23:00 1. jan - 1. oct
23:15 00:00 1. jan - 1. oct
00:15 01:00 26. may - 20. aug
01:15 02:00 26. may - 20. aug

About the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located only a short drive from Keflavik Airport and a wonderful geothermal spa in the middle of a lava field. It  is filled with pleasantly warm mineral-rich geothermal water in the middle of a black lava field. The high natural levels of silica, algae and minerals give the Lagoon its rich blue color. The silica and minerals are also given recognition for the healing powers of the Lagoon, which help cure skin diseases such as psoriasis. The modern facilities have been developed into a wellness complex including saunas, a warm flowing waterfall, restaurant and in-water treatments and massages using the all-natural Blue Lagoon skin care products.


Please note the Blue Lagoon will be closed for construction 24 - 27. April, 2017.


  • Coach Transfer without guide
  • Entrance fee and visitors fee not included


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Unbelievable! There were followups and bookings and always a cheerful and helpful voice.

Dale D. (USA)

Your Country is beautiful, a wonder to behold and the people we met were amazing.

Thank you so much for all your help with the trips, we saw a Hump Back Whale, the Northern Lights, walked on a Glacier, swam in the Blue Lagoon and much, much more.   In 37 years of holidays, and we have had some spectacular ones, our visit to Iceland has been the best experience to date.

Jess (USA)

At arrival we booked the FlyBus+ service, which is great! The Marina Hotel was very nice and centrally located. Rooms are good, breakfast is good and staff is friendly.

The Blue Lagoon was very relaxing after the flight from New York. For all the excursions: it is a great service that guests are picked up at the hotel and brought to the bus station.

The Golden Circle tour was very nice. During the night, there had been some snowfall, which made the surroundings extra special. The tour itself was a great experience. The waterfall was great (despite the fog) , the geysers are fantastic, the Fontana Bath is a nice break of the day and the national park is amazing. The nature is very special and it is weird to see the cracks in the ground caused by the moving of the earth. 

In the evening we heard that the Northern Light tour should go, but unfortunately due to the upcoming clouds, we didn't see the Northern Lights.

I really had a great time and will definitely coming back one day!

Joyce van Dijk, The Netherlands