Glacier Landing by Helicopter

An exciting scenic helicopter flight and snow landing on the majestic Thorisjokull Glaciers.

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:All year
Duration:1,5 - 2 hours

Glacier Landing by Helicopter


From Reykjavik city we fly straight to Thorisjokull glacier which sits tight up to the second biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjokull.

After we land on the glacier you get a chance to set foot on this exclusive location only accessible by helicopter. Breathe in the clean alpine air, fill your camera with photos, throw a snowball or simply enjoy gazing at the majestic landscape that surrounds you.

As we take to the skies again, you will see deep crevasses and steep icefalls that make a totally surreal setting. En route back to Reykjavik we peek inside the crater of the shield volcano Skjaldbreid, and follow the continental rift through Thingvellir National Park.



A minimum of 3 persons is needed for each departure


  • Guided helicopter flight