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Whale Safari in Disco Bay - From Ilulissat

An unforgettable whale watching experience in Greenland!

Type of tour:Day Tours
Season:01 June - 30 September
Duration:4 hours

On this 4 hour whale watching tour from Ilulissat, you'll get the chance to view and photograph the spectacular sea life found in the nutrient rich waters of Greenland.

The beautiful whales are swimming in the Disko Bay all summer, sometimes close to the town, other times in the ice fiord, or up north along the coast of the island "Arveprinsens Ejland". Through out the day there is constant radio-contact to the fishermen and hunters sailing in the Discobay, and they give information about the whereabouts of the whale. Most of the whales we see on our trips are the Humpback whales with their distinctive tails, but also Fin whales and Minke whales are often seen.

Minimum 8 pax


  • Boat tour with guidance
  • Transfer to the harbor



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