Join a local food lover from Akureyri and explore the best of what this beautiful town has to offer. On the Akureyri Food Walk you’ll experience Akureyri through the locals’ eye.

Akureyri, often referred to as the Capital of the North is the second largest city in Iceland. Join a local food lover from Akureyri and explore the best of what this beautiful town has to offer. This tour is perfectly suited for fun, hungry and adventurous travellers that want to experience Akureyri trough the locals eye and taste the Icelandic cuisines at a favourable local restaurant in Akureyri.

On this 3-hour tour, you will get to know Akureyri trough food, people and the towns spirit and history. We will visit 5-6 unique and most popular restaurants in Akureyri and devour on their most delicious signature cuisines. The restaurants we will visit are everything from a small family run businesses to must visit restaurant in Akureyri and that way you will get to experience best of both worlds.  The focus is on having a big variety of unique cuisines so that you will get to know the best of Icelandic food first hand along with some specialities that you will only find in Akureyri. That way you will get to know the Icelandic signature cuisine: the free-roaming lamb, freshly caught seafood from the local fishermen and our rooted tradition Skyr. You will also devour on interesting specialities of Akureyri such as the locals favourite ice cream, a unique pizza and a traditional bread. Last but not least, a food tour of Iceland is not complete without a stop at the local hot dog stand.

If you like unique experiences, amazing food and to get to know a new destination with a local you should definitely join our delicious Akureyri Food Walk! Just make sure that you will show up hungry.


Akureyri. Akureyri, 45 minutes by air or a five-hour drive from Reykjavik, is a natural base for travellers with a whole world of nature right on its doorstep. Akureyri makes an ideal choice for winter breaks, with some of the finest ski slopes in Iceland, as well as opportunities for snowmobiling, horse rentals, experiencing local cuisines, ice fishing and Northern Lights hunting.


  • A fun & knowledgable local guide
  • Walking tour around Akureyri
  • Visit 5 brilliant restaurants and taste approx. 10 amazing Icelandic cuisines

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