Looking for a day tour from Lake Myvatn? This Askja day tour from Myvatn to the caldera Askja in the Dyngjufjoll Mountains is the perfect Iceland experience.

On a spectacular day tour from Lake Myvatn, witness one of the most beautiful sights in Iceland; the Askja caldera.

The route includes crossing of unbridged rivers, a stop in the nature reserve Herdubreiðarlindir and Drekagil canyon at the south of Dyngjufjoll mountain range, and finally a stop at Vikrarborgir from which you’ll walk to Askja caldera.

Askja is a sunken crater which formed, for the most part, at the end of the Ice Age in a major ash eruption which caused the roof of the magma chamber at the heart of the volcano to subside.  The bottom of Askja is currently at an altitude of 1100 m while the rim is 1300-1500 m above sea.

This is a once in a lifetime day tour which gives you a thorough introduction into the spectacular volcanic landscapes of Iceland.


  • Guided Super-van/4wd vehicle Tour
  • Highland’s service day fee
  • Pick-up and drop-off from the Information Centre in Reykjahlíð village (Mývatnsstofa)


This tour includes walking and in early summer the walk from the parking area to Askja lake and Víti (crater) is on snow and therefore bit more difficult than later in the season (approx. 2,5 km one way).

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