Bjorbodin Beer Bath spa is located in Arskogssandur in the north of Iceland.

When taking a beer bath, you bathe in a big tub filled with beer, water, hops and yeast. After 25 minutes, you get up from the tub and go to a relaxation room for another 25 minutes.

Bathing in beer has been known to give relief to ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema and other skin problems, for example.

It is possible for people to go one at a time, or two together. There is no age limit for the beer bath because the bathwater is undrinkable, but there is a beer draught at every bathtub for anybody over 20 years of age.

The bathtubs, made from Kambala wood, are seven in total, so 14 people are able to fit each hour.


Please note that The Beer Bath Spa is located in Arskogssandur, which is 5 hours from Reykjavik, but only 30 minutes from Akureyri.

What to bring:

Bathing suits (optional)


Entrance to The Beer Bath Spa