Are you travelling to Iceland for a short period of time and still want to experience walking into a hidden Ice cave? The Fast-track Ice Cave Tour is the perfect tour to fit into your action-packed trip.

The Fast-track Ice cave tour is perfect for all travellers stopping in Iceland for a short period of time or with an action-packet plan. We offer a great and easy way to put ice cave exploration on your agenda in the fasted way without taking anything away from the experience.

We will meet you at our meeting point in the scenic town Vik. The adventure starts when we embark on a beautiful and exciting super jeep ride to the secret area of one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers.  When we arrive at the glacier you will receive all necessary equipments that will prepare you to explore a hidden crystal ice cave. Next, we will hike and walk into the glacier ice cave and explore it for about 45- 60 minutes.  Your local guide will guide you inside the glacier and give you insight into how the ice cave was formed and answer any questions you might have. Finally, we will leave the ice cave and continue back to Vik where you can continue with your own agenda and new adventures.


Myrdalsjokull. Many of Iceland’s glaciers conceal fiery secrets below and such is the case with Myrdalsjokull glacier in South Iceland which covers the highly active and overdue Katla volcano. The caldera of the volcano has a diameter of 10 km (6 mi) and the volcano usually erupts every 40–80 years.

Vik. The peaceful seafront village of Vik in the fertile Myrdal Valley is set along a dramatic stretch of coastline, quaintly poised between glacier-topped mountains, rugged sea cliffs and black sand beaches. Vik is Iceland’s most southerly village and one of the most popularly photographed areas in the country.

Reynisdrangar. Reynisdrangar Sea Cliffs stand under the Reynisfjall Mountain, at the end of a dramatic stretch of black sand beach. They are towering, spiky basalt sea stacks jutting out from the ocean 66 meters (217 ft) into the air. The Reynisfjara beach, where the Reynisdrangar rock formations are located, was voted as one of the top ten beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world.


  • Guided super jeep tour
  • 45-60 minutes glacier exploration
  • Any needed gear like helmet, headlamp and crampons

Not included:

  • Lunch


Ice caving is undertaken at the responsibility of the participants. Iceland Travel does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers. The ice caving tour may need to be cancelled because of weather and/or safety reasons. If the tour cannot be rescheduled it, the cost will be refunded. In case of sudden drastic weather changes or force majeure once the tour has been started, the tour will not be refunded.

For departure from Vik, pick-up is at our meeting point at the N1 service station in Vík. To see the location on Google maps, click here.