This is the ultimate Greenland winter experience! Sled dogs have always been inseparable companions for the Inuits and are one of the strongest icons of Greenland. Dog sledges are indispensable for transportation in Greenland. Go on a great dog sledge day tour in Ilulissat.

Dog sledding, where dogs are harnessed to a simple wooden sledge is an ancient Inuit tradition that goes 2,000 years back in time. Going on a dog sledding tour in Ilulissat is a great idea as this is the biggest sledge district in Greenland. From Ilulissat there are many excellent dog sledge trails that can be taken for the ideal dog sledding experience.  This experience is so unique and deeply rooted in the Greenlandic culture that you simply have to try it!

As conditions change during winter, the route will be determined in accordance to the trail conditions each time. You might take a trail that takes you towards “Brede bugt” with a view over Disco Bay. Or you might go out on the ice sheet itself if it is thick enough.

Level of difficulty: Slightly demanding



  • Dog sledge tour with a local dog sledge driver
  • Introduction and safety briefing
  • Coffee/tea


It is possible to rent Arctic clothing:

  • Arctic Winter clothes 34 EUR per day
  • Winter boots 9 EUR per day

Pick up from Reykjavik not included. Departure from Ilulissat in Greenland only.

Please note that tours to Greenland are only available during the following months:

February to April


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