Silfra is a freshwater rift located in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. It lies between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates and expands around 2 cm each year.

The clarity of its waters (the visibility in Silfra exceeds 100 meters / 320 feet) makes it a unique attractions among the average traveller as well as professional snorkelers and divers around the world.

The water temperature is 2-4° Celsius all year around.

Join this day tour to explore this incredible submerged world made of lava rock, sand and algae in the most amazing shades of colours.

This tour is rated as easy and no previous experience is required to take part in this tour.


  • Guided tour with snorkeling
  • All necessary specialized snorkeling gear, including a specially made dry suit to keep you warm in the glacier water.


Meeting place:  The Information Center at Þingvellir /Thingvellir 15 minutes prior to your tour start. GPS 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W (WGS84).

Pick up for Reykjavik is not included in this tour, but available upon request.

Photos:  The tour guide will not be taking pictures nor is it included in the price.  But you can add on your booking a waterproofed camera for rent, both a normal one or a digital one to use while snorkeling and for sure you could ask the guide to assist you to capture images of you and your travel partners.

Dry Suits:  As such they are not a life jacket but it is in some way the similar concept because you can easily float in it.  Although you don’t need to “swim” while snorkeling, we recommend that you should know how to swim because you have to be comfortable with floating in water to be able to enjoy to the fullest. The guide is with you at all times and you are never in any danger while snorkeling in the rift.

Minimum age: 16 years old and at least 150 cm tall (= 4 feet 11 inches)

What to bring

  • A towel
  • Warm woolen socks
  • Warm undergarments clothing like fleece/wool sweater and pants
  • A change of clothes

If you have bad eyesight please wear contact lenses or bring your own goggle with prescription.