This is your chance to visit the “Land beyond the Wall” and see it brought to life with tales of the “Seven Kingdoms” by local guide Jon Thor Benediktsson, who also guided the Game of Thrones crew on set during filming in this area. This Game of Thrones Tour is simply a must for any GOT fan.

Today you will be entering the otherworldly landscapes of Lake Myvatn where the scenes for „North of the Wall” were filmed.

It quickly becomes apparent why the Game of Thrones production crew were drawn to this area as the majestic Waterfall of the Gods, Godafoss, greets you.

According to the Icelandic Sagas the waterfall draws its name from Þorgeir of Ljosavatn throwing his statues of the heathen gods into the falls when Iceland converted to Christianity in the year 1000.

Your next stop will be the magical places where various scenes from latest series of Game of Thrones were filmed. Here you can try to relive the action in locations seen in the series. Hopefully you won’t encounter any White Walkers along the way, but Iceland’s rich folklore helps the storytelling guide boost your imagination with tales of trolls and Hidden People, alongside curious facts from behind the scenes of Games of Thrones.

After a day of beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, unusual lava rock formations, steaming hot springs, bubbling mud pools and mysterious landscape you’ll end the day with a splash at Myvatn Nature Baths.

While not a filming location for Game of Thrones, the calming waters will still relax you while you imagine being surrounded by other Free Folk.

With a bit of luck the Northern Lights will entertain you during your soak, before returning to Akureyri.


  • Visit the astonishing film locations showcased in Game of Thrones.
  • Visit the areas where Night’s Watchmen, including Samwell Tarly and Lord Commander Mormont, are attacked by the White Walkers.
  • Walk the land that Jon Snow, Ygritte and the Free Folk cross to reach the Wall.
  • Visit the cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte have their first intimate romantic encounter.
  • Learn about how the Free Folk, like the ancient Vikings, lived and survived in their harsh environment.



This tour departs from AkureyriIt is possible to book return flights from Reykjavik to Akureyri to participate in the tour.