This classic Super Jeep tour takes you on the ultimate Northern Lights hunt. The experience doesn’t get more pure and simple than on this best selling tour.

This Northern Lights tour in Iceland takes you out of Reykjavik in a Super Jeep, far from the city lights to observe this fascinating natural phenomenon.

We can’t tell you beforehand where this tour takes you. The only sure thing is that you will drive away from the city to a location where there’s total darkness. If the sky is clear, you might be lucky enough to see the famous Northern Lights.

This Jeep tour is all about Northern Lights hunting and you’ll spend full 3-4 hours finding the best location for Aurora viewing.

Remember that this tour is highly dependent on weather conditions and we reserve the right to cancel if the circumstances are not in your favour. You will be contacted if the tour is cancelled.

What happens if conditions for Northern Lights viewing are not favourable, will I get a refund?

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings can never be guaranteed. Usually, we can tell beforehand how likely it is that the tour is a success, e.g. by using weather forecasts. If the conditions aren’t right, and you have already booked the tour, you will be contacted as soon as possible and notified of the tour cancellation. This is usually done by leaving a message for you at your hotel’s reception.

In this case, the evening tour is automatically rescheduled for the next day, giving you a second chance to hunt for the auroras. If the conditions aren’t favourable then either, then the tour is again rescheduled for the next day, etc. In the unlikely case of tours being cancelled all of the evenings of your stay in Iceland, then, of course, you will receive a full refund.



  • Super Jeep tour with an English speaking driver-guide


This tour departs only from Reykjavik.

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