Looking for a day tour in the Westfjords? On a day tour from Patreksfjordur you go seal watching at Raudasandur.

Raudasandur is one of the most spectacular sites of Iceland, surrounded by magnificent landscape; red coloured sand in beautiful settings of black cliffs and the blue Atlantic Ocean.

Our local guide will take you by a tractor carriage to a seal colony where harbour seals are often seen at a close range. More than 100 seals take advantage of the sun and sand at Raudasandur, sunbathing and resting on the beach. In early spring, mothers lie on the sand with their young. Later in the summer you can watch as the pups take their first steps to adulthood.

A ride on a tractor carriage on the sand with our expert guide and a local farmer along the sandy beach to the seal colony, where you can see the seals up close. This is a true adventure. We go carefully as we try not to disturb the wild animals. Due to their curiosity, you can expect to get good pictures of these beautiful animals in the picturesque landscape of Rauðasandur.

Seals gather together on the sand on a low tide only. Since tide hours move with the moon position with daily variations, our seal watching timetable is variable depending on tides.


  • Local guidance
  • Transport by a tractor carriage
  • Bus from Patreksfjordur (additional)


  • Pick up from Reykjavik not included
  • Place of departure: Melanes camping site at Raudasandur, or WA Tourist Information Centre in Patreksfjordur (45 min prior).

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