Experience Greenland then and now! See the beautiful houses and charming surrounding of the small settlement of Ilimanaq.

Just one generation ago the majority of the Greenlandic people lived in the many small settlements along the coast. Today most of them live in the cities, but Ilulissat still got 4 vivacious settlements. One of those settlements is called Ilimanaq and it is situated south of the ice fjord.

Ilimanaq has some beautiful old buildings from the colonial time and is known for its fine trout, which is caught in Tasiusaq behind the settlement. A lot of hikers are attracted by the fine hiking-possibilities nearby and spends a night or two in the tents in this area.

Minimum 6 pax


  • Boat tour with guidance
  • Guided tour of the settlement
  • Coffee/tea


Please note that tours to Greenland are only available during the following months:

  • February to mid April
  • June to September

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