The South Coast holds some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Iceland. Experience the very best that South Iceland has to offer with a view of a birds eye including an unforgettable landing at Skogafoss waterfall on the South Coast Ultimate Air Tour. 

We take off in Reykjavik and head south-easterly towards our first destination Skogarfoss.

Skogarfoss is one of the most magical waterfalls in Iceland and has a width of 25 meters (82 ft.) and a drop of 60 m (200 ft.). Hopefully, we will catch the double rainbow visible on sunny days.

Seljalandsfoss will be on our way towards our next destination but it is best known for being the only known waterfall in the world that it is possible to walk behind. Next, we continue to the must-see places in Iceland Gullfoss and Geysir, and as well Þorsmork, before landing in Reykjavik.


South Iceland. The south coast of Iceland holds some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Iceland. The area boasts a unique mix of volcanoes and glaciers, geysers, hot springs and waterfalls, along with multiple historic sites like the UNESCO site of Thingvellir.

Reykjavik. Cool, quirky, and cutting-edge, Reykjavik will captivate you. The city’s enticing combination of jaw-dropping nature just outside its doorstep and cosmopolitan delights is mesmerizing. The greater Reykjavik area has about a total of 60% of Iceland’s population.

Seljalandsfoss. Seljalandsfoss waterfall along Iceland’s southern coast is fed by melting water from the famed glacier-capped Eyjafjallajokull volcano. This powerful waterfall cascades into a pretty meadow but is best known for the walking path that runs behind the curtain of water where visitors can enjoy a truly unique viewpoint from this angle. It’s the only known waterfall in the world that it is possible to walk behind.

Skogafoss. Skogafoss is a waterfall situated on the Skoga River in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline. After the coastline had receded seaward (it is now at a distance of about 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) from Skogar village), the former sea cliffs remained. Skogafoss is unique because the waterfall comes directly from two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.

Gullfoss. A ride along the Golden Circle in the south of Iceland reveals the breathtaking Gullfoss Waterfall where traversing a narrow path provides close-up views of the massive, two-tiered waterfall below. In winter the view is spectacular when the waterfall freezes over into undulating waves of glistening ice. On sunny days visitors are treated to thousands of rainbows, a natural reaction with the clouds of spray from the tumbling falls.

Geysir. A favorite stop along the Golden Circle is the highly active Geysir Hot Spring Area with boiling mud pits, exploding geysers and the lively Strokkur which spouts water 30 metres (100 ft) into the air every few minutes. The newly opened Geysir Center offers exhibits and informative presentations year round. Geysir Hot Spring Area is one of the most popular tourist stop in Iceland.

Þorsmork. Thorsmork valley was named after the Norse god Thor. It‘s situated in the south of Iceland, between the glaciers Tindafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull. Thorsmork is one of the most popular hiking areas in Iceland.


  • 3-3,5 hour Air tour
  • Beverages

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