Discover and experience the absolute best of what Reykjavik’s nightlife has to offer on the Reykjavik Pub Crawl tour.

Do you like dining on inspired cuisine, want to experience Reykjavik’s nightlife, blend in with the locals and taste the most popular beverages in Iceland?

Reykjavik is a vibrant city that boasts a wide variety of exciting activities and attractions. This is your chance to experience Reykjavik’s nightlife among the locals.

The Reykjavik pub crawl is the ultimate way to discover the absolute best of what Reykjavik’s nightlife has to offer. Join the group of fellow travellers and locals for an entertaining and a memorable evening.

This 3-4 hour pub crawl in Reykjavik will take you to places with unique cocktails, premium Icelandic beer, the infamous Black death and so much more. Whether you are travelling by yourself, with friends, colleagues or with a group, this is the perfect way to explore the exciting nightlife scene in Reykjavik.

Starting with a visit to the best cocktail lounge in Reykjavik where delicious Icelandic cocktails are served and crafted by one of Reykjavik’s most talented mixologists. From there we will keep exploring the most popular bars on Laugavegur.  We stop at one of Reykjavik’s most popular bars and enjoy a famous ‘off-menu’ Coco-Puffs Cocktail. Next, we visit one of our absolute favourite local hot spots, a true Viking bar where we blend in with the locals and enjoy some Icelandic brews, the traditional Brennivin snaps and fermented shark a local delicacy which dates back to the Viking ages.

Once we have stopped challenging our taste buds next stop will leave them pleased as we go to Bill Clinton’s favourite Icelandic restaurant, the famous hot dog stand. After a hot dog, or two, and chocolate milk (a tradition here in Iceland) get ready to head to the biggest nightclub in Reykjavik, VIP style, meaning you won’t have to wait in line. This is where the tour comes to an end but you can choose if you want to keep exploring Reykjavik after dark with your new friends or get back to your hotel and catch some sleep for a busy but adventurous day that lies ahead.


Reykjavik: Cool, quirky, and cutting-edge Reykjavik will captivate you. The city’s enticing combination of jaw-dropping nature just outside its doorstep and cosmopolitan delights is mesmerizing. The greater Reykjavik area has about a total of 60% of Iceland’s population. Reykjavik’s legendary nightlife beckons with an eclectic mix of clubs, sophisticated wine bars, cosy pubs and other hangouts of the hip.

Laugavegur: The main street, Laugavegur,  stretches all the way through downtown Reykjavik and in addition to offering some great bars, restaurants and shopping spots, a stroll along it will also give you the opportunity to see the sights of the city and experience the spirit of the locals. Laugavegur is the main place in Iceland where the locals go to experience a night out on the town.

Icelandic beverages: Icelanders sure enjoy their drinks. Being of Viking descent, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are numerous mentions of ale drinking in the old sagas, even as the cold climate made it hard for early Icelanders to grow barley locally.

Icelandic culinary: If you like dining on inspired cuisine created with fresh, local ingredients – you have a lot to look forward to in Iceland. On this tour, you will able to try a traditional Icelandic cuisine called the fermented shark and a more modern one the famous hot dog stand, which is actually a popular final destination after a night out on the town.


Please note

  • Minimum age is 20 years
  • Dress code: Dress smart but keep in mind that the Icelandic weather can be unpredictable
  • Everything is included in the tour
  • The Open Bar Crawl has a maximum of 20 participants so everyone gets a fun and personal experience
  • Tours will end at the last venue while we encourage guests to stay for the night


  • Professional nightlife guide & a tour around Reykjavik
  • Three unique cocktails
  • Premium Icelandic beer
  • Brennivín/black death snaps
  • Fermented shark and Icelandic dry fish
  • Hot dog at the famous hot dog stand
  • VIP in front of line entry at Reykjavík’s biggest nightclub