Visit Latrabjarg sea cliffs! See puffins and incredible nature on a day tour, where you will experience the spectacular and majestic nature of the sea cliffs.

Walking on the edges of the cliff with local guidance and enjoying the majestically pristine Icelandic nature is an unforgettable adventure. Latrabjarg is one of the most beautiful natural sites of Iceland. It is the largest sea bird colony in the Northern Atlantic and marks the most western-point of Europe.

The cliff itself is the habitat of millions of seabirds which can be seen on a walk from the top of the cliff, such as puffins, razorbills, fulmars, guillemot and many more.  Latrabjarg is claimed to be the best place in the world to photograph puffins because of how close you can get to the puffins from the cliff. The local guide will take you to an unforgettable hiking tour around the area.

On the way back to Patreksfjordur we will stop at the Heritage Museum at Hnjotur. In this interesting museum we will learn how Icelandic people lived in the old days by examining cultural values, and how they rescued sailors from stranded ships under the steep cliffs.

Not recommended for children 6 years old and younger.


  • Guided tour from Patreksfjordur
  • Admission fee to the Heritage Museum at Hnjotur


  • Pick up from Reykjavik not included
  • Departure from Patreksfjordur

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