Explore the hidden underworld in and under the lava field in the Blue Mountains with expert caving guides.

Walking down into the Leiðarendi lava cave and discovering the marvels that the volcanoes have created in the past is an easy, educational and enjoyable tour. The cave is a great example of an Icelandic lava tube, full of quirky volcanic rock formations in a dark world beneath ours.

Your guide will explain in detail how the lava tubes are made as well as talking about Iceland and its rich and ongoing geological and volcanic existence. We will turn of our cave lights and experience the complete, velvety darkness, a darkness that in the modern world is hard to find.

You will also learn about Icelandic folklore, the mischievous elves and night trolls, and how they somehow left the lava caves unexplored until very recently.


  • Transfer to activity area,
  • Cave expert guidance
  • Headlight and helmet
  • Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation in Reykjavik

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