Whales of Iceland is an extraordinary exhibition located right in the heart of Reykjavik.

With 23 detailed, life-size whale models the exhibition feels like stepping into an underwater wonderland where you’re able to get closer to these gentle giants than you ever thought possible.

The interactive features of the exhibition allow you get a better understanding of the whales living in Icelandic waters which include the orca, sperm whale and blue whale, while the light and sound instalments create a relaxing atmosphere. Learn about the biology and habits of these magnificent creatures through interactive information stands, videos, animated illustrations or one of the many books in the small library next to the charming café.

Children can get special interactive watches to wear as they go through the exhibition where they can easily learn about the whales in a fun way.

The exhibition offers multi-lingual guidance in the form of an app you can either download to your phone or enjoy on a tablet provided at the front desk. You can also try on the Virtual Reality glasses and feel what it’s like to swim with a pod of killer whales or alongside a blue whale. Just be careful not to bump into the models!

Whales of Iceland is a great experience for kids and adults alike, and as the exhibition is located only 5 minutes from the main whale watching harbour it’s perfect to combine it with a whale watching tour in order to get the full, immersive whale experience.


  • Pick up from Reykjavik not included


  • Entrance to the Whales of Iceland exhibition

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