Are you looking for a thrilling wildlife and nature adventure?  Our Whales & Rib boat adventure tour will not only bring you the joy of being at sea at a rushing high speed, but also the proximity to peaceful nature. The custom made RIB boats allow you to come closer to the whales than regular boats and since they are also faster they can cover more area in search for whales.

The tour takes off from the old harbor of Reykjavik. In the summertime we go puffin spotting at the nearby islands. Puffins make their burrows each spring in two islands in Faxafloi bay, Akurey island and Lundey island, puffins are usually monogamous and return to the same burrows year after year!

After visiting these colorful and cute birds you’ll head further out to sea on your search of those majestic whales. Humpback whales, Killer whales/Orcas, White-beaked dolphins and Harbour porpoises are the most common species in the ocean around Iceland.

After the whale safari you head back to Reykjavik and go for a short sightseeing tour along the shore line, viewing the city from a different angle!

What to bring?

We recommend warm clothes, good footwear and sunscreen – and don’t forget your camera!



  • Guided Rib boat tour
  • Admission to the Whales of Iceland Exhibition
  • Warm floatable overalls provided for your comfort & safety
  • Lifevests, gloves & goggles
  • A visit to the Puffin Island in the summertime
  • English guidance & expert guides
  • Scenic route along the Reykjavík coastline
  • Suspensions seats for extra comfort
  • We get you extra close!