Visit a Volcano in Iceland


The Geldingadalur volcano is a rare opportunity to experience Iceland’s powerful natural forces yourself.  Here are some ways you can work a hike to the volcano into your self-drive holiday/road trip.

Difficulty level:

Route A (currently closed to recent lava flow):  Moderate. You should be in reasonable physical condition and have some hiking experience.

Route B:  Moderate to Difficult. You should be in good physical shape and have some hiking experience. This is longer, uneven terrain and more difficult to walk than Route A.  There is one very steep slope where there is a rope to hold on to. Hiking shoes and hiking poles are essential.

Hiking Distance:

Route A:  8 km (5  miles)

Route B:  More than 8 km (5 miles) through steep terrain

Elevation: 300 m (985 feet)

Option 1: Enjoy a guided tour and extra day in Reykjavík

Add an extra day after your tour in Reykjavík and take the Guided Geldingadalur Volcano Hike – Enjoy a convenient coach transfer to the Geldingadalur Volcano Trail Head. Join your expert guide for an informative, interesting hike through scenic lava landscapes to the volcano. You’ll learn about the volcano and the fascinating Reykjanes Peninsula. The tour is offered on Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun.

Option 2: Make it a self-guided hiking tour

Are you experienced with hiking?  With a little preparation you can visit the volcano yourself.  Drive to the trail head and follow the easily marked hiking trail to the volcano viewing site.

Iceland Travel team hiking to the volcano site
  • Pace your day.  Route A:  Expect to spend about 2 – 3 hours of walking round-trip and about 1 – 2 hours viewing the volcano.  Route B:  Expect to take 3 – 4 hours round-trip hiking
  • You are always responsible for your own safety when you hike unaccompanied in Iceland.
  • Expect the unexpected: the weather in Iceland changes quickly.
  • Treat the landscape – and the volcano – with respect.  Please don’t litter the area; pack your trash with you.
  • Make sure you are dressed for hiking. Essential: hiking boots, suitable wind and waterproof clothing for hiking in cold weather. Bring raincoat and pants.
  • Bring a packed lunch, snacks and bottled water.

Arrival Day:  Visit the Volcano from the airport  –  Is your flight arriving in the morning or early afternoon?  Do you like to start right off with action as soon as your flight arrives?  The hiking trail head is about 30 minutes’ drive from the airport.

  • Check the latest volcano trail conditions at before you start hiking.
  • Make sure you are dressed for hiking when you arrive in Iceland.
  • Bring a packed lunch, snacks and bottled water. You can for example purchase supplies at the airport’s Mathús self-service kiosk or at grocery stores/ shops in Grindavík town.


Arrival Day: Afternoon or Evening volcano hike  –  During the summer months daylight hours are long.  Grab some rest at your accommodation and then head to the trail for a volcano hike.
Staying in Hveragerði? – It’s about a 50-minute drive on Road 427 to the volcano trail head. 
Staying in Reykjavík? – It’s about an hour’s drive on Roads 41 and 43 to the volcano trail head. 

Check the latest volcano trail conditions at before you start.

Note- Arrival day suggestions are subject to current COVID travel and testing policies.  Please check website for the latest information.

Departure day 

If your flight is leaving in the late afternoon or early evening you might have the opportunity for hike to the volcano earlier in the day. Make sure you leave enough time to drop off your car and check-in for your flight no later than 2.5 hours before your flight.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure you give yourself enough time to make flight check-in.
Iceland Travel team hiking to the volcano site
Iceland Travel team hiking to the volcano site