April 24, 2019

16 beautiful photos of Iceland that will make you want to visit

by Águsta Björg Þorsteinsdóttir
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16 beautiful photos of Iceland that will make you want to visit

It is easy for Iceland to inspire you, especially when you look at all the stunning photos that so many  people have shared. If you need even more inspiration,  here are 16 beautiful photos that will make you want to visit Iceland.

Skogafoss waterfall in South Iceland

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland, Skogafoss is a favorite among travelers. One of the most special things about Skogafoss is how close you can get to it. You can walk right up to the waterfall and feel its thundering powers while the mist sprays over you.  You’ll feel incredibly refreshed and powerful!

Vestrahorn Mountain in East Iceland

Vestrahorn mountain, also known informally as  the “Batman Mountain”, is one of Iceland’s most photographed mountains — and no wonder!  Its unique shape has impressed many  people, and visitors have traveled to this remote part of southeast Iceland just to view it.

Reykjavik in South Iceland

You will not find any other capital in the world similar to Reykjavik. With its colorful and small houses, calm atmosphere and vibrant culture,  it often becomes people’s favorite community in Iceland.

 The Diamond Beach in East Iceland

One of the most magical places in Iceland, in our opinion, is the Diamond beach.  The opportunity to touch the crystal-like glacier chunks is an unforgettable experience. Plus it makes for some unique and fun photos.

Reykjadalur Hot River in South Iceland

Have you ever bathed in a hot natural river in the Icelandic highlands? If not,  you must  add Reykjadalur , the hot spring valley, to your hiking bucket list. Locals have been bathing in it for centuries,  and it was only recently discovered by tourists.  The only catch is a three-hour, moderately easy walk, but the stunning scenery makes up for it a million times.

Seydisfjordur Village in East Iceland

One of the most charming towns in Iceland, Seydisfjordur is a must when you are driving around the country during summer.  This town has become a center for artists.  Every year,  the residents paint a colorful rainbow street.  It leads up to a  pretty blue church, which has  become a well-known landmark.

Icelandic Horses

These sturdy animals have been an inseparable part of Icelanders’ lives since the first days of the country’s settlement.  Horses have played a big part in the old Norse mythology as well as the famous Icelandic sagas. We have over 100 words for their various coat colors and  markings,  and we just find them absolutely amazing!

DC3 Plane Wreck in South Iceland

If you want to reach the historical plane wreck at Solheimasandur beach you will need to walk for an hour. The contrast between the black sand desert and the dramatic plane wreck has made it a very popular photo stop along the South Shore.

Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik Iceland

The iconic Hallgrimskirkja church is one of the “must-do” stops in Reykjavik. The architecture is stunning and is supposed to resemble the basalt lava flows found all over Iceland. From the church tower, the view of the city is great for orientating yourself as well as a terrific photo opportunity.

The Remote Westfjords

The Westfjords differ from the rest of the country both historically and geologically.  This region is where land meets sea in the most dramatic way possible . It is Iceland’s least populated and least visited region.  If you enjoy unforgettable places and photo opportunities, this area is definitely worth a visit.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Southeast Iceland

Huge ice chunks that have broken off a glacier and floated out to the sea have created the world famous Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. This stunning place  located in southeast Iceland  offers a dramatic view and rich wildlife viewing. There are birds flying all around, and you can even spot seals in the lagoon.

Kirkjufell mountain in West Iceland

Kirkjufell mountain (Church Mountain) is said to be the most photographed mountain in Iceland. The colors of the mountain change every season, so you’ll always find a new perspective to this majestic mountain no matter when you visit.   Some visitors say that the shape of the mountain reminds them of a witch’s hat; others say it reminds them of a arrowhead.


The puffins, also known as the clowns of the sea,  arrive in Iceland in April Each year! Iceland is the perfect place to spot these cute creatures, as we host 60% of the puffin population in the world. You can get extremely close to them and watch them in the stunning Icelandic nature.

Hidden Ice Cave in South Iceland

You can explore ice caves all year in Iceland, even in the summer time. It is hard to describe the feeling of walking into a newly-formed ice cave inside one of Iceland’s many glaciers.  It’s even more special when you realize that any ice cave will probably vanish in just a few weeks.

Lomagnupur mountain in South Iceland

Everyone should experience driving around Iceland at least once in his or her lifetime. Iceland has one main road:  Route 1, also  known as the Ring Road. It offers incredible sights everywhere you look, one of them being Lomagnupur mountain.

Diving in Silfra

Iceland offers incredible diving locations, and one of them is Silfra located in Thingvellir National Park. Silfrs’s crystal clear, fresh waters and its geological significance makes it one of the most popular places in Iceland for both diving and snorkeling.

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