13. okt. 2017

Embarking on a local food journey

My food loving heart grew infinitely happier when I came across Nostra, a new restaurant that just opened up at Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavík. The restaurant is a really fresh addition to the growing slow food scene here in Iceland, with its ever changing menu that is fully dependent on seasonal ingredients which the chefs hand pick from both local farms as well as from nature itself.


Using nature’s bounty is a lost art for most, but through centuries our ancestors lived off the land. Nature provided them with enough meat, fish and also with a variety of herbs and seasonal berries. Today we are lucky enough to still have an unspoiled and pure nature all around us which allows us to still utilize food straight from nature only a couple of minutes drive from our homes. We even have a fresh salmon river, Elliðarár, running through the capital city of Reykjavík. Modern technology also allows us to grow vegetables and fruits all year round in our geothermal greenhouses.

nostra restaurant

The chefs, Einar Björn Guðnýjarson and Carl Kristian, therefore have a wide choice when it comes to picking ingredients for their ever changing tasting menus varying from four, six or eight dishes, each one better then the last. Their special talents, partly obtained at a Michelin starred restaurant, shine through, in their delicious dishes.

nostra restaurant chefs

Furthermore, the fun and friendly waiters make sure that you do not only get delicious food, but that your taste buds are taken on a journey. A journey which will also take you through the country, as each dish is presented with information and small stories about the places and farms from which the ingredients are sourced. All of this put together makes a night spent at Nostra a memorable experience which should not to be missed.

nostra restaurant dish

So, keep your eyes open for this rising star in the restaurant scene in Reykjavík.

If you would like to know more about the Icelandic food scene and the local food producers here in Iceland, our team of experts are more than willing to help you make a memorable journey for your taste buds whilst you take in the scenic beauty of the country.

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