Iceland Travel Self Drive what? The Iceland Travel Companion App? What is that and why does it matter to me?

I’m glad you asked! The Iceland Travel Self Drive Companion is a new travel app that Iceland Travel is launching this spring. Welcome to the future of travel!

So what does this app do?

The Iceland Travel Companion gives you detailed information on your accommodation for your entire trip as well as must-see stops along the way. If you’ve opted to include additional days in your tour package, they will also be represented in the app. For those who want more information on Iceland, there’s a pdf road book available in selected languages right in the app navigation—making sure that you get the trip you want.

Wait, so I don’t get a printed itinerary and a map?

No. All the information you need for your self drive tour is in the app. We at Iceland Travel are committed to our environmental policy and this is a step forward in reducing our environmental footprint. The apps easy-to-use interface lets you see your trip mapped out in easy to navigate travel parts, it includes thousands of points of interests, services and a GPS road guide that will take you right to your hotel after a day of exploring.

Ok, so do I just download it onto my phone then?

Nope, there’s no need for that. When you arrive in Iceland and pick up your car, you will be given an internet connected tablet with the app already downloaded and ready to go. To get started, you simply log in with your Iceland Travel booking number and after a short introduction on general road and travel safety, your personal itinerary will come up. The Iceland Travel Companion gives you detailed information on your accommodation for your entire trip as well as must-see stops along the way.

Nice! So I can keep up with my Netflix while in Iceland?

No sorry, not on the Iceland Travel tablet at least. The tablet has a daily limit for internet usage and only allows access to the self-drive app which includes your trip, along with apps of the Icelandic Meteorological Office and The Icelandic Road Administration. But since the Iceland Travel Companion app is full of information on interesting places you can visit along the way, you’ll get a once in a lifetime 3D experience of magnificent landscape and historical sites that not even Netflix can beat.

But what happens if I lose the tablet or it breaks?

We’re all human and therefore mistakes can happen, even if we are being super careful. If your tablet suffers an unfortunate event there are certain locations around the country where you can get a replacement. You will be given information on what to do in case of emergency when you pick up your tablet at the airport when you arrive.

Is the app in different languages?

The main interface, points of interest and personal itinerary is in English. However, the app includes pdf road books about Iceland in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

I can’t wait to try it! Where can I book my self-drive tour?

We can’t wait for you to try it either! You can browse all our road trips here. For more information on the Iceland Travel Companion go here. And while you wait for your Iceland trip you can watch our introductory video on the Iceland Travel Companion below. Happy Travels!

Áslaug Torfadóttir

Áslaug recently joined the Iceland Travel team after a decade of adventures out in the big, wide world. But all roads lead to Iceland as they (totally) say, and Áslaug is happy to now have the opportunity to introduce her home country to other travellers. Her favorite spot in Iceland is Skarðsvík beach on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, with Húsavík a close second. When not hard at work with the Iceland Travel team Áslaug writes scripts and plays and does copious amounts of research by watching hours upon hours of Netflix and visiting the local theatres and restaurants. Her favorite Icelandic saying is „Þetta reddast“ – roughly translated as „Eh…it‘ll be fine“