When you start planning your vacation in Iceland the question of how you are actually going to get here will naturally arise. I’m guessing that you’re like the majority of us: Without a private jet and not all too keen about that 47 hour ferry ride from Denmark (which is however a great experience and if you do get the chance one day I highly recommend it)? You’re trying to figure out how to get to Iceland.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Having lived here for most of my life I would say that I’ve become an expert on which airlines are flying to Iceland, how to book cheap flights to Iceland (or in my case, out of Iceland but I do have to return again … you know, for you guys!), and when is the best time to book your flight. Iceland is located mid-way between America and Europe, taking approx 5 hours to reach from N-America and 3 hours from Europe. The countries geographical location makes it the perfect stopover destination, so you can even pop in for a visit on your way across the Atlantic! But which airline is the most suitable for you? – Let’s find out!


The first airline I would like to mention is Icelandair. I know you all must be thinking “Well, don’t you have to say that as it’s possible to book Icelandair flights directly on your web?”, and in all fairness I totally get where you’re coming from. But when you look at the facts it’s easy to understand why they should be the first on your list when choosing an airline to fly to Iceland:

  • Punctuality: Icelandair is (almost) always on time. Sure there have been occasions where they’ve hit slight snags but on an average basis they manage to get their planes up in the air without much delay.
  • Awesome route map: This makes it much easier for you to find direct flights, or a connecting airport close to where ever you hail from.
  • They offer you a free stopover in Iceland for up to 7 nights, making it possible to visit Iceland on your way across the Atlantic ocean.
  • Baggage allowance: The fact that  you actually get to bring some luggage  on-board without having to have to pay extra Krónas is a definite plus.

Onboard the Icelandair planes you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and an entertainment system that makes time go by fast.  My advise to you is to book well in advance with Icelandair to make sure that you get the best price available. Hint: Someone once told me that if you sit in the first 14 rows in Economy Class you’ll get even more legroom!


The second on my list is WOW. This Icelandic low cost airline flies from Europe and recently extended their route map to the U.S. I like WOW because their fun, fun, fun! When you’re traveling it’s always good to both start and end your stay with good old fun! What’s not as much fun is the fact that you’ll be charged for extra luggage so make sure you have a good idea of what you’ll be packing. Onboard you’ll find striped services and jolly staff. When it comes to ticket prices it’s good to monitor their website and see if any bargains pop up.


Number three on my list is Scandinavian Airlines flying from Norway. If Norway is a good jumping of point for your journey you should definitely look at their flights as they tend to offer cheaper flights than Icelandair but services in a similar class.

Easy Jet

Well, no list of airlines would be complete without mentioning the lowest of low-cost and cheapest of the cheap-flights. It’s Easy Jet which flies in from the UK and Switzerland. Well, if your purpose is only to get you here then this might be your ticket. As with WOW air, it pays to monitor their website but their prices seem to keep very low. Just remember that you might be getting what you paid for and your luggage isn’t one of those things!


The latest airline to announce year round services to Iceland is the low-cost airline Flybe. They fly to Keflavik Airport from Birmingham which offers easy access to Iceland from London, Scotland, and mainland Europe

Delta and other “summerbirds”

There are a few airlines that offer seasonal flights to Iceland. In that category, contender number 1 is Delta Airlines which fly from New York. Delta is an American staple that offers reasonable prices and mid class services. Other summer birds you might want to take a look at are Airberlin, Vueling and Thomas Cook Airlines.

What is the most important thing for you when you select an airline?