November 04, 2020

What has us excited about next summer in Iceland?

by Águsta Björg Þorsteinsdóttir
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What has us excited about next summer in Iceland?

With exciting new escorted tours, short breaks, and road trips available to book now (we have a few ideas … scroll down), renewed hope we can travel again soon, and prices cheaper than they have been in years, summer 2021 should be the time you finally visit Iceland!

Why summer?

Summer in Iceland is a particularly special time of year for locals and visitors alike. The weather is generally pleasant with temps hovering around 10-15 °c (50-59 °F). On really warm summer days, those temperatures can climb to 20-25 °C (68-77 °F) making Iceland’s special brand of soft-serve ice cream especially refreshing. Fun fact: much to the surprise of visitors, Reykjavík and the south tends to be cooler and wetter in the summer whilst the north and eastern regions tend to be dryer and warmer. The more you know!

Iceland’s diverse landscapes and many different regions, including its otherworldly Highlands, are also all reachable this time of year with nearly all roads open to explorers. Many locals take the month of July off while schools are closed to explore the island’s green landscapes, fields of wildflowers (including purple lupine), and its beautiful waterfalls and glaciers.

Gjáin, a spectacular oasis of green in South Iceland

There are also plenty of activities to be enjoyed this time of year from puffin watching to hot spring bathing under the midnight sun. You’ll find there is plenty to do this time and nearly 24 hours of daylight to enjoy it all. We even have a whole blog about it!

But what exactly is so special about next summer?

Ok, 2020 has been … err … challenging, to say the least. We all know that. That’s why we are looking ahead to what we hope are sunnier times, when we can travel again and enjoy the company of friends and family. Assuming there are significant strides towards a globally accessible vaccine for COVID-19 and that the world is safe enough to regain traveler confidence by next summer, we are certain Iceland will be a top destination for travelers. Aside from its spectacular scenery, Iceland’s clean water, fresh air, wide open spaces, improved roads and tourism infrastructure, renowned response to the pandemic are many reasons to visit next summer.

Ok, I’m ready to come to Iceland next summer, but what should I do?

Let’s get real. We love to share information about Iceland on this handy blog but we also love to host visitors too. We at Iceland Travel pride ourselves on our expertly crafted tours of Iceland.

We have excellent relationships with local suppliers, and we strongly believe in supporting our communities and respecting Iceland’s unique environment. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we are now offering the new Green Collection of electric and hybrid vehicles allowing our self-drive guests to harness the powers of clean, green energy while exploring our beautiful island. Chargers and charging stations are available all over the country now.

We also haven’t forgotten that the fight against the pandemic is not over. That’s why we will continue to implement special procedures in coordination with health authorities and flexible policies to ensure the safety and security of our guests.

Epically beautiful black sand beaches in South Iceland

But back to why we are here …

We have a handful of tours that we are particularly excited to share with you, as they offer truly unique perspectives of the country and allow travelers to explore less-visited areas in the country.

Westfjords Hot Spring Hunt

Skalavík beach in the Westfjords

Go off-the-beaten-path on this slow-paced hot spring hunt in the Westfjords! Explore the remote Westfjords, the least populated area of Iceland where you can experience raw wilderness and wildlife all around you. By traveling at a leisurely pace, you will have a greater opportunity to form a stronger connection to the places you will visit. We created this road trip to allow you to make the most of each single moment of your Iceland vacation.

This road trip is suitable for independent travelers looking for off the beaten track experience, hot spring seekers, and families wanting to travel at a slow pace in a unique area. Learn more about this tour.

Into the Unknown: Frozen 2

Stunning icebergs in the Glacial Lagoon in southeastern Iceland

Wind. Fire. Water. Earth. Iceland is one of the world’s few places where you can see all the spirits of nature come together. Did you know that the production crew for the popular Frozen 2 movie visited locations in South Iceland? This mysterious region of glaciers, volcanoes, river canyons and black sand beaches was the inspiration for areas around the Enchanted Forest, the Dark Sea and Ahtohallen.

The film crew and animation team of Frozen 2 visited Norway, Finland and Iceland to get ideas for landscapes in the movie. According to interviews with film producers, the difference between Norway and Iceland’s landscapes showed the difference between Anna and Elsa. While Norway’s fall colors and fairy tale fjords fit Anna’s love of her kingdom, Iceland’s starkly beautiful and mythical landscapes perfectly fit Elsa’s quest to understand her heritage.

Now you can trace the journey of Elsa, Anna and their friends with this unforgettable self-drive journey. Learn more about this tour.

Around Iceland

Lake Myvatn in the north of Iceland is a place of incredible natural beauty

This is one of our most popular itineraries! Follow the Ring Road and fully explore the best of Iceland, including national parks, beautiful waterfalls, striking glaciers, and more.

Take this best-selling trip and enjoy a well-paced itinerary that lets you really experience the best of Iceland’s natural wonders.  You’ll have ample time to cover all the great “hot spots” without the hassle of spending too much time driving.   Enjoy national parks, beautiful waterfalls, striking glaciers, magnificent volcanoes, and hot spring areas. A highlight of this trip is the extra time built in to discover the many unforgettable volcanic wonders of Lake Myvatn in North Iceland. Learn more about this tour.

Across the Wilderness

The painted mountains of Landmannalaugar in the Highlands must be seen to be believed

Explore Iceland’s hidden highland beauty as well as famous natural wonders with this popular combination of small group sightseeing and nature walks. Come with us and see the secret wilderness gems that so few visitors ever experience!

Experience the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of Iceland’s uninhabited interior. You’ll travel off-the-beaten track in a specially outfitted 4X4 mountain coach through the untamed highlands of Iceland, highlighted by the multi-colored mountains of the Landmannalaugar nature reserve and the legendary black sands of Sprengisandur. When combined with other major attractions such as the Geysir geothermal area, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, and Dettifoss waterfall, this tour is sure to conquer the hearts of all visitors. The tour includes some short and easy guided nature walks that let you fully experience Iceland’s natural beauty. Learn more about this tour.

Looking for other tours, check out the rest of our offering. We have everything from road trips/self-drive tours, escorted/multi-day guided tours, and shorter trips for those long-weekend escapes.

If you are looking for a custom, tailor-made or luxury experience, don‘t hesitate to get in touch. We have expertise in those areas too! Just email or visit our Nine Worlds by Iceland Travel brand for more information on our luxury services.

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