There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. As long as you dress appropriately and take notice of how quickly the weather can change in Iceland, you should be fine.  

The key to dressing for Iceland’s climate is layering, regardless of the season. Lightweight woolens, rain- and windproof jacket and trousers, as well as good walking/hiking shoes are essential if you plan to do any touring in nature.

When traveling to Iceland in winter you should also plan to bring a warm overcoathatscarfgloves/mittenssocks (preferably made of wool) as well as a sweater and/or cardigan, and waterproof shoes with a good tread. Long thermal underwear (a shirt and pants) and a layer of fleece on top are also recommended if you plan on spending lots of time outdoors. Crampons are not always necessary, but they can add a bit of security and confidence when walking on icey areas.

In summer, carry a light, and preferably water-resistant, jacket.

As trails are not common, sturdy walking shoes for trekking & hiking are needed. Elsewhere comfortable sneakers and boots work well. As it tends to rain a lot, rubber boots are also a convenient addition to your Iceland wardrobe.

When out and about in the city or dining in restaurants, it’s good to bring smart casual clothes for going out.

And lastly, always bring a bathing suit! Icelanders’ favorite pastime year-round is outdoor swimming in the countless geothermally-heated pools and lagoons. You don’t want to miss out.

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Need a visual? Here are our recommended essentials.