Icelanders are famed for their youthful good looks and healthy skin. While some of this might have something to do with centuries of a fish-based diet and the magical power of the Icelandic water, there is an added component you might not realise. We’ve talked before about the Icelandic communal swimming pools and they are definitely great, but when we’re feeling extra special, or in extra need of self-care, we head to the spa. Iceland has a great variety of spas that offer great relaxation and heal the soul. Here are some of the best reasons for a spa-based holiday and a soak in Iceland.

Spas with treatments

Icelandair Hotel Natura

The Sóley Spa at the Icelandair Hotel Natura is a favourite among the locals for a quick, relaxing soak and perhaps a glass of bubbly with some friends if the occasion warrants. The spa itself consists of a hot tub, a floating pool, a steam room and a sauna.

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

The Hilton Reykjavík Nordica Spa provides a relaxing escape from the humdrum of day-to-day life. Descend into the cosily lit hot tubs and saunas and enjoy the various beauty treatments on offer.

Grand Hotel Reykjavík Spa

The Spa at Grand Hotel‘s staff have set themselves the goal of making sure that everyone leaves the spa rejuvenated and in great spirits. Why not assist them in this worthy pursuit by getting a massage or just chilling in the candlelit hot pool area?

Laugar Spa

One of the largest spas in the city, Laugar Spa has a variety of steam rooms and saunas that should satisfy any peace-seeking patron. Their in-spa restaurant has a great selection of fresh, delicious dishes and the relaxation room is the perfect spot for a quick nap after soaking in the tubs or getting a massage. Divine.

Borg Hotel

The Spa and gym at the legendary Reykjavík Borg Hotel is a cosy and charming environment. After sweating it off at the gym, enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot tub or sweat a bit more in the sauna and steam room. A soothing lie down in the relaxation area is well earned.

Ion Adventure Hotel Spa

The warm outdoor pool at this adventure hotel offers you the chance to relax as you take in the power of the untouched nature all around you. The spa offers treatments aimed at healing and relaxation where your body will get pampered as your mind enjoys the tranquillity of its surroundings.

Aqua Spa Akureyri

The Aqua Spa in Akureyri offers relaxing massages and beauty treatments to anyone in need of warming their flesh and bones in the cold northern climate. Their rooftop hot tub offers a breathtaking view over the tranquil Eyjafjörður fjord

Blue Lagoon

Of course we can’t leave the world famous Blue Lagoon off of our list! This geothermal wonder is on a lot of bucket lists, so if you’ve made it this far why not take the utmost advantage of the facilities? Get an in-lagoon massage and have a drink at the floating bar while wearing a face mask made of the rejuvenating silica found at the bottom of the lagoon. Since it’s located close to the airport we recommend a visit either after arrival or just before you depart. The perfect Icelandic “Aloha”

Just a great soak

Laugarvatn Fontana

The Fontana in Laugarvatn in the heart of the famous Golden Circle has lovely outdoor pools with a view over the Laugarvatn lake. For those who dare, there’s a small pier that leads into the lake if you fancy a swim. Or you could just lounge in the hot tubs with a drink in your hand. If you’re planning a visit to the Golden Circle and Fontana, this might be the perfect day tour for you.

Beer Spa

The newly opened Beer Spa is already a hit with the locals. Who hasn’t dreamed of bathing in a vat of beer (purely for its health benefits of course)? Now you have the chance! After lying in the beer, water, hops and yeast for 25 minutes you move into the relaxation room where you can let the treatment have its full effect. Emerge from the spa with a glowing complexion and a unique experience.

Mývatn Nature Baths

The Mývatn Nature Baths are the north’s answer to the Blue Lagoon. Smaller and more untouched the baths are situated in the middle of nowhere with red hills and blue mountains providing a stunning view. A must visit for everyone travelling in North Iceland.

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Aslaug Torfadottir

Aslaug writes scripts and plays and does copious amounts of research by watching hours upon hours of Netflix and visiting the local theaters and restaurants. Her favorite spot in Iceland is Skardsvik beach on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, with Husavik village a close second. Her favorite Icelandic saying is „Þetta reddast“ – roughly translated as „Eh…it‘ll be fine.“